Marketing to Millennials

Millennials or Generation Y has its common characteristics just like other generations. They are self-expressive and tech-savvy. Most Millennials grew up in an era of electronics overload with access to the internet and social media. Twenty percent of these young adults have at least one immigrant parent and they are the most ethnically diverse generation […]

21 steps for creating a successful webinar

Throughout the years we have assisted dozens of companies with their lead generation efforts. We generated leads through many different channels and evaluated them based on numbers and cost per leads, qualified leads, opportunities, and closed won deals. Consistently, we have seen that webinar leads performed well for most organizations. This is most likely because […]

How to build a successful progressive profiling form

What is progressive profiling? It is a form that allows marketers to display fields based on data points collected previously regarding a prospect. For example, if a company’s goal is to collect 30 data points from a prospect then instead of showing 30 fields on a form, marketers can show 5. Then, on the prospect’s […]

The lead vs. contact debate in

Many sales teams are advocating the conversion of leads into contacts because it is easier for them to manage their accounts. In Salesforce leads can’t be connected to Accounts, as such, sales have to look for records in several places. While this is a legitimate reason it makes marketing’s job more difficult, as such, before […]

The Great Divide Between Sales and Marketing

If your organization is like most than chances are you have some type of a division between your sales and marketing departments. Many articles suggest ways to close the divide, but in order to fix this issue, we should understand the underlying problems that are causing the divide. The root of the problem is that […]