10+1 Email Best Practices

e mail 10+1 Email Best PracticeseMarketer predicts that 4.55 billion people will be using a mobile phone in 2014 and mobile phone usage will continue to rapidly increase until 2017. According to Econsultancy 62% of emails are already being opened on mobile phones. As such, email marketing is changing and in addition to optimizing emails for desktops, web browsers, and email clients, marketers will have to start optimizing emails for mobile devices as well. Here are 10+ best practices including some new suggestions for mobile.

  1. Optimize for Mobile – Most marketing automation system providers are already offering responsive design templates but reducing email width to 450 pixels usually works as well.
  2. Images - Many studies have shown that text only emails are viewed for less than 20 seconds on average while those with a header picture achieve almost double that amount of viewing time. Studies also have shown that people pay attention to images and they pay more attention to words when there are images in an email. Images should be relevant to the content and should be named so in case it does not open up, at least there is text in its place. Consider mobile devices and reduce image size to 20K.
  3. Header - The click rate for an email with a header is almost twice as high than a text-only email. Most organizations use the logo in their headers but sometimes they make them too large. While branding is recommended it should not be overdone.
  4. Email Copy – Since marketers have only few seconds to capture the audience’s attention, the first few sentences must grab the reader’s attention. As such, it is recommended to use action words and avoid long introductions. The description of the offer should emphasize business needs and the benefits.
  5. Offer –Content should be educational in nature benefiting the reader in some way, beneficial to their industry problems, or provide solutions for particular issues.
  6. Bullets – Since readers scan emails, outlining the most important information in a bullet form can reduce abandonment rate and increase click rates.
  7. Call to action – Call to action should be located above the fold. This is even more important now that mobile usage is increasing. The reader should not have to work and scroll down. Use of action words such as “Read it Now” or “Download Today” works better for most organizations.
  8. Subject Line – Subject lines should express something important or interesting. Shorter is better, ideally 4-6 words. Numbers work well such as 5 Great …., 4 Questions to ….., 10 Tips….., 7 Reasons Why…, etc.
  9. Personal Touch – Adding a personal touch by using the recipient’s name or by signing the email can increase credibility.
  10. Testing - Check for spam words. Test the email in various email clients and on various mobile devices.


Landing Page – The call to action from the email in general drives the recipient to the landing page where the form is located. Given that 62% of emails are opened on mobile devices, it is recommended that the landing page be responsive as well. Many templates designed in CSS3 and HTML5 are available today, which allow the visitor to read the details and fill out the form.

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